Our Team

Our Minister

Rev. Jonathan Greaves has been with us since September 1999.

Jonathan became a Christian through his home church, 'Central Baptist Church' in Southampton. Since then he has been eager to show that being a Christian is about having a personal relationship with Jesus, rather than being religeous; and that the Bible is God's Word and still relevant today!

Jonathan is Married to Samantha, they have 4 Children.


Leadership Team

Minister:  Revd. Jonathan Greaves

Secretary:  David Adams

Treasurer:  Clive Wiggins

Rural Missioner:  Ian Purcell



David Adams

Elizabeth Alderson

Alan Cochran

Mike North

Cliff  van der Velden

April Wiggins



Church Administrator:

Roger Clewett 

Designated Safeguarding Persons:

Safeguarding Trustee - DPS: April Wiggins

DPS: Jo Walker

News Sheet Editor:

Rebecca Clewett

Website Editor:

Ruth Bingle

Special Appointment:

Auditor: Hywel Pullen


Updated 30/10/19

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