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Baptist Missionary Society BMS
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Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things for God - serving overseas in a world of need.

South Wales Baptist Association
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Welcome to the South Wales Baptist Association website. The Association exists to encourage the building and development of healthy churches and to enable them to assist each other in mission in their community, Wales and the world. and to the service of God in the world.

Bible Society
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The Bible: more than a book It's full of human stories – of love, greed, joy, loss and passion. It's vital to our culture. It's part of the answer to the world's needs. It's cherished by billions of people around the world. It's more than a book. We'd love you to explore the Bible for yourself and see what we mean.

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We are Christians Against Poverty We are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. Working with the Church we bring good news, hope and freedom.

Church Edit
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Evangelical Alliance
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We are the largest and oldest body representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians. For more than 165 years, we have been bringing Christians together and helping them listen to, and be heard by, the government, media and society.

Facebook Page
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Visit us at Facebook Evangelical Church, Baptist Church

Food Bank
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Trussell Trust Monmouth & District Foodbank

Lausanne Movement
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Lausanne Movement Connecting influencers and ideas for global mission

Leprosy Mission
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Our Mission The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian charity with 140 years of experience. Through The Leprosy Mission’s global family we serve a population of 305 million people in around 30 leprosy-affected countries.

London City Mission
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London City Mission We work on the front line, taking the message of Jesus to London’s least reached. Our missionaries help churches to open new doors.

OM Lifehope
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OM Lifehope, based in Halesowen, England is a part of the international mission organisation Operation Mobilisation (OM). OM mobilises the Church to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation. OM pioneers and leads initiatives to redeem lives, rebuild communities and restore hope in over 110 countries. To see their full mission statement.

Slavic Gospel Association
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SGA is a global, non denominational, conservative evangelical Missionary Agency, founded in 1934 by Peter Deyneka, a Russian emigrant to the USA, who had a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of his compatriots wherever they were to be found.

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WE'RE CHRISTIANS PASSIONATE ABOUT ENDING POVERTY We're following Jesus where need is greatest, working through local churches to unlock people's potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. When disasters strike, we respond quickly. We won't stop until poverty stops.

Watoto African Children's Choir
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Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease.

Wycliffe Translators
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Wycliffe Bible Translators believe that the Bible is the best way for people to come to know and understand who God is. Our vision is that by working with churches, organisations and individuals from around the world all people will have access to God's word in a language that they truly understand. Worldwide, 180 million people speaking 1,860 languages need Bible translation to begin, because they do not have access to the story of God's love for his people - the story of the Bible - in the language that they understand the best. Of the 6,901 languages in the world today, only 531 have a complete Bible.

Hope & Peace Trust
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In 1990 after 10 years civil; strife the Peace and Hope Trust was invited by President Violeta Chamorro, President of Nicaragua, to support the programme of reconstruction and reconciliation Five hoverdoctor expeditions to the headwaters of the world’s greatest rivers, including the Amazon and Yangtze, culminated in the crossing of Nicaragua in 1995. The Trust has been reaching those not served by others ever since.

Guardians of Ancora - Children's Computer Game
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We use this game in our Guardians of Ancora in our local Schools and run weekly clubs to help children learn about the bible.

Rural Mission Project
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For Monmouthshire and South Herefordshire. Our Rural missioner is Ian Purcell.

OM Ships International
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OM Ships International is the organisation behind Logos Hope. The Ship Ministry began in 1970 as part of the global Christian training and outreach movement, OM International. Since then OM's ships have visited 480 different ports in over 150 countries and territories and welcomed over 46 million visitors on board.

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