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We are open on:

Fridays between 10.00am - 12.00pm.

Find us at:

Monmouth Baptist Church, 3 Monk Street, Monmouth, NP25 3LR.


Foodbank Manager:

Mary Harris

Email:   info@monmouthdistrict.foodbank.org.uk

Website:   http://monmouthdistrict.foodbank.org.uk/


Volunteers needed

Monmouth Foodbank are in urgent need of volunteers to help on a rota basis on a Friday mornings from 9.30 until 12 noon. If you are interested please contact Alan Cochran.

Volunteers Confidentiality Agreement & Hand Book:

Link:  https://drive.google.com/?usp=folder&authuser=0#folders/0ByKiB77ovFDiN0k3UThwR3h0X1U