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  • Celebrating 10 years of Easter Experience

    The ‘Easter Experience’ is fast approaching and we will need actors to take part, especially for the crowd scene! Any budding thespians out there!? No previous experience needed, we need you for the following dates: Mon 23 & Tues 24 March 2015 preferably for the whole two days and dress rehearsal.
    Monmouth Churches Together ‘Easter Experience’ has been held every year, two weeks before Easter for 10 years. A Scene from the Easter story is shown at each church in the town, beginning with the ‘Last Supper’ at the Methodist Church and ending with ‘The Resurrection’ at St Mary’s Priory Church. MBC shows the Crucifixion Scene. This is shown to year 6 Pupils from all the primary schools in the Monmouth area, the children are escorted by stewards from one church to the next for each scene. 
    As this year is ‘Easter Experience’s’ 10th Anniversary and we are planning to have a celebration lunch on Sun 22 March, followed by the Dress Rehearsal which will be an open to all to experience.
    If you are interested in taking part as an actor please speak to or contact Jonathan Greaves.


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